Role: Rogue Damage

An archer is an evasive marksman capable of hitting targets from great distances. They also use special gadgets including traps which slow enemies and an assortment of electrical and fire arrows.



The Archer's weapon is the Bow, equipped in the main weapon slot.


In their alternative weapon slot the Archer carries a Quiver on their back.

Abilities and TalentsEdit

Icon Name
Nailed Shot:Sharpened Arrows II
ElectricShot Electric Arrows
Nailed Single Shot
ElectricShot Electric Shot
ThermitArrow Fiery Arrows
ElectricShot Shot:Electric Arrows II
ThermitArrow Fire Arrows
Nailed Piercing Shot
ThermitArrow Aimed Shot
ThermitArrow Shot:Fire Arrows III
SharpenedArrows Sharpened Arrows
Nailed Rain of Arrows
ElectricStackUpgrade Piercing Discharge
ThermitArrow Wildfire Arrow
RapidFire Burning Rapid Fire
ElectricRapidFire Electric Rapid Fire
FlipShot Double Somersault
DisorientingSmokeShot Smoke Screen
Vault Trip II
DownBlast Jump Shot
DisorientingSmokeShot Gas Cloud
ElectricShot Shot:Electric Arrows III
ElectricYardUpgrade Electric Barrier II
Icon Name
RainOfArrows Concentration
Pyrophobia Pyrophobia
HeadShot Jungle Law
Spell02 Electric Burns
Nailed Easy Target
StaticShield01 Electric Field
Spell05Upgrade Long Queue
DownBlast Sharp Fragments
ElectricStackUpgrade Elemental Fusion
ElectricYard01 Eletrocapacity
Icon Name
ContractionOfTheEnemiesUpgrade Ionization
DisorientingSmokeShot Explosive Mixture
HeadShot Perfect Aim
AnkleTrip Swiftness
ElectricShot Superconductivity
StaticShield Electric Disruption
ThermitArrow Biting Flame
AnkleTrip Injuring Strikes
LoadingMechanism Loading Mechanism
Hailstorm Voltage Arc



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