Ianna is the guardian goddess of Aelion, she leads the planet's military against the alien invaders. Herida once said, that if the army of gods and immortals were that of a great sword, then Ianna is undoubtedly that's swords cutting edge. She is the reason Aelinar is one of the few safe places in the world. Unfortunately, her power does not extend much farther than the city.

By defeating the Avatars of six invasions, Ianna unlocked the power to ascend as an Elder Goddess of Aelion. But even among the extremely powerful Elders, Ianna's power greatly shines. It has been said that she stands among the greatest deities to have ever walked upon the land of Aelion.And this power is so great even the elder god Nerion, in his lust for power, would never dare face the war goddess on his own. Even with his new alliance with the Mantides, the young Elder could still not compete with the war goddess.

She used to be quite reasonable and nice, but years of more and more invasions and endless wars have left her quite a bit... jaded, and has become very temperamental.

She absolutely hates betrayal and dissent, proven by her treatment of Nerion and Laertes. The people of Aelion have little to fear against gods who betray them, for they know those gods will meet Ianna's wrath soon enough.

She can be quite stubborn at times and can be incredibly scary when angered, being the goddess whose name strikes fear in both immortals and gods alike. Still, her heart is in the right place. Still, Flavius would rather lose his fingers to a Menar than to piss her off.

She is involved in the main quest, as she seeks to capture Laertes to imprison him for eternity for his crimes as the Gravedigger, she later becomes an ally to you, and she and Flavius helps the player's Immortal stop Thanatos' invasion. After the Immortal becomes a God, Ianna decides to help him/her to become an Elder God as soon as possible. Learning from her mistakes with the Laertes situation, Ianna has become more open and willing to forgive.

The city of Iannor was named after her, and one of her temples was in the island of Alakur.

Her eyes glow a very bright shade of green, that can be easily confused with white. Her Nimbus is a normal one.

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