Role: Tank Tank

A knight is capable of withstanding the onslaught of numerous enemies, diverting their attention from less protected allies. Armed with shield and spear, they are able to not only block incoming attacks, but to also deliver crushing blows in return.



The Knight uses a Spear as their weapon, which they use to deal crushing blows in battle.

Large Shield Edit

The Knight carries Large Shield in their offhand which is used to block incoming attacks.


Icon Name
KnightUsualStance Usual Stance
SpearAttack Spear Attack
SmashingStrike Smashing Strike
CrushingBlow Crushing Blow
StrayAttack Stray Attack
StrayAttack2 Stray Attack II
ResolutStrike Resolute Strike
BatteringRam Battering Ram
Havoc Havoc
FalconAttack Falcon Attack
Stronghold Stronghold
ResoluteRebuff Resolute Rebuff
SpearThrow Spear Throw
Tantrum Tantrum
ResoluteDefense Resolute Defense
FalconFury Falcon Fury
StunningBlow Stunning Blow
Earthquake Earthquake
Falconry Falconry
Barrier Barrier
Barrier2 Barrier II
KnightBarrierStance Barrier
KnightSimplified Ultimate
Whiplash Whiplash
KnightSimplified Finisher
FightingSpirit Mighty Swing
Icon Name
FalconAttack Sky Hunter
ResolutStrike Stab Wounds
Zeal Rampage of Strength
CrushingBlow Salt in the Wound
Havoc Mother Earth
StrayAttack2 Pile Drive
BatteringRam Collision
Crit Triumph
StunningBlow Suppression
DaringYouth Daring Youth
Icon Name
SpearThrow Heavy Tip
Falconry Falconer
Barrier Rock Wall
KnightlyDaring Knightly Daring
ResoluteDefense Battlemaster
FightingSpirit Fighting Spirit
Barrier2 Counter-Grip
Earthquake Heavy Tread
WillBreaker Will Breaker
Unshakable Unshakable



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