The market is an easily accessible place where an Immortal can purchase items anywhere and at any time. The Market can be accessed by using the hotkey "N" or by clicking the Icon of shaking hands at the top of the screen when in menus. Most items on the market can be purchased with Credits or Argents, but some items require Celestial Threads or Rarities. The market consists of three major tabs:

  • Buy - Where an Immortal can make purchases
  • Sell - Where an Immortal can sell items from their inventory
  • Log - Where an Immortal can see all their transactions from their current session

Purchasable ItemsEdit

Enhancement Stones
Name Credit Cost Argent Cost
Rank 7 fatcack Stone 78368 516
Rank 6 Enhancement Stone 26123 172
Rank 5 Enhancement Stone 12363 82
Rank 4 Enhancement Stone 5805 39
Rank 3 Enhancement Stone 1935 13
Rank 2 Enhancement Stone 538 4
Rank 1 Enhancement Stone 215 2
Name Credit Cost Argent Cost
Holy Texts 1075 8
Name Credit Cost Argent Cost
Temporal Compensator 2500 17
Regeneration Substrate 1000 7

Many Costumes share the same name and cost, and are only listed once. See the Costume page for details on the variations

Name Celestial Thread Cost
Megalopolis Costume 30000
Extravagant Costume 30000
Classic Underwear 30000
Paladin Armor 100000
Witch Costume 100000
Gunner Armor 100000
Warrior Cuirass 100000
Lightbinder Costume 100000
Archer Costume 100000
Necromancer Costume 100000
Alchemist Costume 100000
Berserker Armor 100000
Cryomancer Costume 100000
Kinetic Costume 100000
Monk Costume 100000
Slayer Costume 100000
Skate Costume 6000
Rave Party Costume 6000
Moire Costume 6000
Mechanic Costume 6000
Promenade Costume 6000
Emo Costume 6000
Various Items
Name Credit Cost Argent Cost
Set of Celestial Threads 8400 50
Set of Sparks of Transformation 42000 250
Medium Set of Spark Replicators 33600 200
Temporary Gravicycle License 210000 1250
Rare Items
Name Cost
Aborigine Costume 1200 Smoky Pearl
Peasant Costume 1200 Ancient Relic
Hipster Costume 1200 Branibore Mushrooms
Unit Armor 1200 Mediphyll Leaf
Extreme Gear 1200 Ancient Rune
Dandy Costume 1200 Tuuta Leaf
Modula Laboratory Coat 1200 Rare Crystallite
Mass Accelerator 80 Ancient Rune
Paralyzing Dart 40 Tuuta Leaf
Mobility Modulator 40 Ancient Relic
Gravity Trap 80 Branibore Mushrooms
Field Generator 80 Mediphyll Leaf
Mass Accelerator 80 Ancient Rune
Gamma Stabilizer 40 Rare Crystallite
Jar of Acid 40 Smoky Pearl
Name Cost