Phytonides are mysterious creatures left over from the early invasions of Aelion. From what scientists have been able to determine, the Phytonides are capable of controlling a wide range of large and small plants and wherever they settle, the area soon becomes overrun by vegetation. Walls and columns of the abandoned buildings are quickly claimed by the overgrowth of roots & vines, and blossoms can be found sprouting up everywhere. But players must be careful not to succumb to the charms of this blooming serenity. Bright colors, seductive Dryads, and huge mushrooms mask the poisonous spikes, sharp teeth and danger hidden beneath the foliage.

Their Greater God is called Makabon.Spawn Alakur Island.

Enemy Types Edit

  • Triffids
  • Diones
  • Dryads
  • Entids

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