Spark Replicators 001


Spark Replicators increase the amount of Sparks (+50%) you recieve when completing objectives. They stack with Premium Mode's 50% bonus effect, which results in you getting a 100% bonus Sparks, effectively doubling the amount you get.
Using Spark Replicators count towards the weekly limit.

Replicators are bound and located in your inventory. Opening them will stack the replicators. There is no time limit to use them. Players will only gain as many extra sparks in relation to the amount of replicators they own. Once they are used up, the bonus will cease until re-supplied.

The reward for completing a certain dungeon is 100 Sparks.
If you have Spark Replicators you will earn max 50% more.
When you completed that dungeon you will have earned 150 Sparks and you have consumed 50 Spark Replicators. If you were to only possess 10 Spark Replicators you would only get 110 Sparks after you completed the dungeon.

Premium (monthly paid subscription) accounts have the ability to gain Sparks of Evolution which can be combined with class and general sparks to unlock nodes. Replicators will increase the amount earned. 

To view the current amount of unused replicators that have been unlocked (no longer in sets in your inventory) go to the currency tab and in the left column, choose Ascension Atlas . The total sparks of all types as well as replicators will be displayed in the next column. The maxium replicators that can be stored in currency is 5000. 

How to obtainEdit

Completing certain story missions award you with capsules that contain 75 or 250 spark replicators.
Buying Replicator sets for Argents or Credits in the marketplace.
x1000 in Gold Traveler Capsule
x500 in Silver Traveler Capsule
x250 in Bronze Traveler Capsule